About the Dementia Alliance

What do we do?

The Northern Beaches Dementia Alliance (NBDA) was formed in August 2018. It consists of aged care, dementia and healthcare professionals as well as community members, people living with dementia and their carers. The partnership includes Northern Beaches Council, Sydney North Health Network, CCNB and Just Better Care Northern Beaches and Northern Suburbs.

Working with our local community

We aim to increase awareness and understanding of dementia on the Northern Beaches, and to encourage dementia friendly communities.

In 2019 we formed the Northern Beaches Dementia Advisory Group. Members of this advisory group include people living with dementia and their carers. Our advisory group works in collaboration with the NBDA to guide our project direction and consult on the development of new resources. If you would like more information about the advisory group, download the Dementia Advisory Group flyer.

Help us make the Northern Beaches dementia friendly. If you would like information about support services for you or a loved one contact us at info@dementiaalliancenb.com.au.

Working with local businesses

We encourage local organisations (including small businesses, community providers, local government, primary health and allied health providers) to become dementia aware.

A great starting point is for you and your team to become a Dementia Friend.

For more information about Dementia-Friendly Organisations, download the information sheet on how to become a dementia-friendly organisation.

Download the Handy Hints when communicating with those with Dementia reminder card for your business or contact us for printed copies.

Email us at info@dementiaalliancenb.com.au.

Alliance members