Northern Beaches Dementia Alliance

The Northern Beaches Dementia Alliance aims to create a Dementia-Friendly Community:

  • A place where people living with dementia are supported to live a high quality of life with meaning and purpose.
  • A place where people living with dementia are understood, included and accepted without the stigma associated with dementia.
  • A place that provides opportunities for social participation for people living with dementia and their carers to reduce social isolation.
  • A safe physical and social environment for people living with dementia

What is a Dementia-Friendly Community?

This is an initiative of Dementia Australia where local communities are empowered to make a difference.

A Dementia-Friendly Community is “a place where people living with dementia are supported to live a high quality of life with meaning, purpose and value.” (Dementia Australia, 2019).


Tip of the Month

Our monthly tips are provided by members of the Dementia Alliance Advisory Group or those with lived experiences of dementia.

Schedule Wisely

Establish a daily routine. Some tasks, such as bathing or medical appointments, are easier when the person is most alert and refreshed. Allow some flexibility for spontaneous activities or particularly difficult days.

Upcoming Events

DateTopicTimeSessionRegistration Link
02.05.22EDIE for Family Carers9:30am-12:30pmNorth Ryde, NSWRegister here
02.05.22Daughters Caring for Mothers Program3:00pm-5:00pmOnlineRegister here
03.05.22Carer Wellness Program9:30am-3:00pmBlacktown, NSWRegister here
03.05.22Grief, Loss and Dementia10:00am-12:00pmNorth Ryde, NSWRegister here
03.05.22Living With Younger Onset Dementia Program5:30pm-7:00pmOnlineRegister here
04.05.22Grief, Loss and Dementia9:30am-11:30amOnlineRegister here
10.05.22Carer Wellness Program9:30am-3:00pmThirroul, NSWRegister here
10.05.22Living With Dementia Program10:00am-12:00pmOnlineRegister here
10.05.22Mild Cognitive Impairment
10:00am-12:00pmNorth Ryde, NSWRegister here
11.05.22Carer Wellness Program10:00am-12:00pmOnlineRegister here
11.05.22Communication and Dementia10:00am-12:30pmHamilton, NSWRegister here
11.05.22Living With Dementia Program10:00am-12:00pmNorth Ryde, NSWRegister here
16.05.22Carer Wellness Program9:00am-2:30pmNorth Ryde, NSWRegister here
18.05.22Communication and Dementia10:00am-12:00pmOnlineRegister here
18.05.22EDIE for Family Carers10:00am-1:00pmEmu Plains, NSWRegister here
19.05.22Living With Dementia Program12:30pm-2:30pmOnlineRegister here
19.05.22Living With Younger Onset Dementia Program6:00pm-8:30pmOnlineRegister here
23.05.22Considering Residential Care10:00am-12:00pmOnlineRegister here
24.05.22Understanding Dementia10:00am-12:00pmNorth Ryde, NSWRegister here
25.05.22Carer Wellness Program9:30am-3:00pmDapto, NSWRegister here

Please note that our Online session will not be recorded, therefore there will not be an option to view the session at another time.
For any enquiry regarding these sessions, please email

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